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Noonaroos AA Group Home Page

The Noonaroos Online AA Group meets EVERY day at 1200 Noon, Pacific Time.

Noonaroos is based in Seattle, Washington, USA, but we have attendees from all over the world, and all are welcome!
In this meeting, we read the Daily Reflection for the day. and then share our experience, strength, and hope around the topic of the reading.
The chairperson will have up to 10 minutes to share after the reading.
The chairperson will then call on people. We ask that everyone please try to limit your share to 3-5 minutes, in order to give everyone a chance to share.

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Get Involved!

Our business meeting is held on the third Sunday of each month, directly after the regular, noon meeting, in the same Zoom room as the regular meeting. If you’re interested in becoming a homegroup member or discussing business for the Noonaroos meeting, please join us! All are welcome to attend, participate in discussions, and get an idea of how AA structure works, at the group level and beyond. Home Group members are strongly encouraged to do so, and vote on matters affecting our group and AA as a whole.

Service Positions

Service is a vital part of the "triangle" of recovery, and staying sober! The best way to stop dwelling on your problems is to get out of yourself and be of service to other alcoholics in recovery. There are a great many service opportunities to be found at the local, regional, and world AA levels, and the best place to start is with your local group(s).
Noonaroos always has service positions open to Home Group Members, such as Greeters, Meeting Secretaries, co-hosts, and others.

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In keeping with the 7th tradition, the Noonaroos AA Group has no dues or fees. We are self supporting through our own contributions. Donations pay for our Zoom account, business expenses, and group donations to Seattle Intergroup, World Services, and Area 72. You can donate to Noonaroos at https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/NoonaroosAA, or click the donation button below.

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Attendance Verifications

For meeting attendance verifications, fill out the form below, or, if you run into issues with the form, send an email to aa@noonaroos.org with your name, the date you attended, and the meeting topic for that day.

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